Weekly Update #2! Community Training & SQUAD Masters!

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Mar 11, 2012
Sooooooo, how about that free weekend huh? :cool:

Thanks to all the community members and admins who helped out the noobs over the weekend, it was awesome to see 6 of our servers full and people enjoying SQUAD for the first time. There has been some really good feedback and some players who had never played SQUAD before made the 50% OFF purchase purely based on the experience they have had on our servers. So nice work!

I was somewhat surprised and impressed by the level of game-play even with so many fresh faces. There was certainly a mixed bag of strategy vs full out attack. This made for an interesting dynamic. I was especially thrown by some new players squad leading for the first time, and how quickly they were picking it up. Pretty cool to see how excited they were building up fobs and getting their minions to dig away, was good to see so much enthusiasm for that aspect of the game and perhaps something a bit different from the norm for them.

We want to keep up the momentum and are doing pretty well so far. We currently have the capacity to run 5 servers and are filling 3 per night easily. Thanks for those who are seeding early during the day, some nights we almost have a full carry over thanks to the Europeans and Americans who help keep them populated from anywhere between 3-9 am. If we could get an early morning pop going, there would be a good chance a server could be going 24/7 which would be pretty damn good.

A BIG thank you to all this months donators, as have already hit our monthly DONATION goal! $400, will go directly towards our server costs. We have also made a couple of small purchases for prizes and giveaways for new & existing members. Keep em coming though, it is always good to have $$$ in the bank to ensure the longevity of the community. You can make a donation

Time to have a quick look at our SQUAD servers so you know what's going on. The servers are being updated currently so they might not be like this today, but should be by tomorrow.

Server Breakdown (PLANNED)

BigD #1
AAS - Map Rotation 1
BigD #2
AAS - Map Rotation 2
BigD #3
AAS + INS - Map Rotation 3
BigD #4
Community AAS - Community Map Rotation 1
BigD #5
24/7 New Map every week! Currently KOKAN

SQUAD Admin Team

All admins have recently undergone training, and have been trained up to V8.6

All in game admins should be contactable via Discord.

If you have any issues with players in game, you should either seek an admin or submit a support ticket.
If you have any issues with admins in game, you should either seek a Senior SQUAD Admin or submit a support ticket.

Senior SQUAD Admin



Syko Skippy

Junior SQUAD Admin
Hippy Matador

SQUAD BigD Boot camp

This is still W.I.P but are looking to kick this off ASAP. This will be ongoing training (night or nights yet to be confirmed) and will be for new and existing players who want to learn more about the game. It will have different tiers & will include stuff like: Basic Training, Squad Leader, Being a medic, FOBS & Assets etc. So keep an eye out for this if this sounds like something you would be interested in. (Boot Camp thread to follow)

Community Meeting

EVERYONE IS INVITED! This will be our first open community meeting discussing not just SQUAD but everything else we do and play as a community. To be held on Friday the 25th at 8pm AEDT in Discord. This will be followed By a few non SQUAD games. There will be a prize draw for all attendees. Agenda and Games to follow.

SQUAD MASTERS - 700 Players, 35 teams, 60 matches already played

Anyone interested in joining the SQUAD MASTERS League? We will be looking at fielding 1 or more Community teams. [ULD] have already put a team in and by the looks aren't that far off from their first match. Players who wish to enter need to be aware of the potential time difference going up against other clans and communities internationally. So Saturday or Sunday morning matches would likely be a thing, depending on who the opposition is. If we can get lots of interest we will have the ability to have substitutes for the initial rounds, so don't worry to much about commitment.

Check it all out here About Us – Squad Masters League. Squad Game Tourney | https://squadmasters.com/about-us/


We are always looking to expand the community and get new members and units, so if you see players with new tags let them know about us and start getting them into discord!

Discord | https://discord.gg/3ktgr7h

Also invite them to the steam group

BigD Steam
Steam Community :: Group :: BigD Gaming | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bigdgamingau

Anything I have missed or you want to know more about, please reply!

Spono o_O
Apr 13, 2016
Gold Coast
Hey mate what are the map rotations for each server?

BigD #1
AAS - Map Rotation 1
BigD #2
AAS - Map Rotation 2
BigD #3
AAS + INS - Map Rotation 3
BigD #4
Community AAS - Community Map Rotation 1
Apr 15, 2016
Hey mate what are the map rotations for each server?

BigD #1
AAS - Map Rotation 1
BigD #2
AAS - Map Rotation 2
BigD #3
AAS + INS - Map Rotation 3
BigD #4
Community AAS - Community Map Rotation 1
Thats a special BigD secret formula for now. Kind of akin to your 7 secret herbs n spices.

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