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Hey all!
We have a pretty big update for you and some direction for where we want to take the editor, MODULAR sets are now going to be some what a big part of the game. We are testing the waters with 2 new additional sets which you can see below along with a heap of extra stuff.
Please keep in mind the editor is still in phase one and things will change depending on how well it’s received by the community and what additions come.

Modular sets!

Forest Cabin Set

Forest Castle Set

New Detectors/Holes

- Racing Flag
- Circle


[Updated] Engine

[Changed] scale limit to 50

[Fixed] Play button not working due to resolution
[Fixed] All flagpoles deleting maps
[Fixed] Purple box in hoops
[Fixed] Target Spinner now delete-able
[Fixed] Base_6x6_Hole-half_Ancient Not being clickable
[Fixed] Raising platform issues on all themes
[Fixed] Black squares being left over from wall builder
[Fixed] Haunted couch
[Fixed] Base_Hole_Oasis Not having collision
[Fixed] Bone ribs duplicating itself
[Fixed] Shark teeth duplicating itself
[Fixed] Editor menu more predictable
[Fixed] Map names with spaces at the end now save
[Fixed] Oasis Flat hole having no collision
[Fixed] FirePit_Ancient Logs and flames no longer separate.

[Added] 3 candy planes for temporary grounds
[Added] 2 Forest planes for temporary grounds
[Added] 1 Oasis plane for temporary grounds
[Added] 5 ice cream hills (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana and rainbow)
[Added] Spinning ice cream sandwich now also standalone
[Added] House modular pieces (Build your own forest cabins)
[Added] Stars to skybox
[Added] Large_SCurve_Ancient_wall to level editor
[Added] Large_SCurve_Haunted_Wall to level editor
[Added] Large_SCurve_Pirate_Wall to level editor
[Added] CASTLE modular set 18 pieces (Build your own castles)
[Added] Forest Stick_Fence
[Added] (New holes - Racing flag hologram & circle)

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