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Christmas and new years is over! Which means it's time to announce our workshop winners for winter 2018. We hope you all had a great time over the Christmas break!

Again, picking winners was hard however if your map or favorite map is not chosen don’t stress as this is just for fun and there will be many more events to enter.

Trophies have been placed in the winners inventory.

First Place

First place goes to ✩ unskilled | LeOssi ✩ with the map Santa's Sleigh. This map is an exciting trip that takes players down hills, through caves and into a warm cabin by the frozen lake but most importantly Saint Crumbz has just landed.

2nd Place

Second place goes to herbstwerk with the map Freezing in the Woods. This map is a nice chilled out experience, take in the views and witness the activities of the snowmen.

3rd Place

Third place goes to RinTooTheTiger with the map The Christmas Climb. Experience great views on slippery slopes suspended above a frozen lake.


[Seasonal] Removed winter drops
[Seasonal] Removed winter theme from menu area

[Fixed] Random size and shape not working correctly
[Fixed] Ability to change settings when not in the custom options mode
[Fixed] Forest_Sawmill Scaling issues
[Fixed] Hsign_Bakery scaling issues
[Fixed] Smallredplant scaling issues
[Fixed] LogJumpredwood scaling issues
[Fixed] LowHighBumpBase_Candyland offset cursor
[Fixed] LowHighBumpBase_Haunted offset cursor.
[Fixed] LowHighBumpBase_Oasis offset cursor.
[Fixed] BigSpookPine_01 Scaling fixed.
[Fixed] BigSpookPine_02 Scaling fixed.
[Fixed] ShapedHoles_Circle Scaling fixed.
[Fixed] ShapedHoles_Square Scaling fixed.
[Fixed] ShapedHoles_Triangle Scaling fixed.

[Added] Nest_Ancient to level editor.

[Changed] Lamp output to increase performance

We hope everyone is having a great start to 2019!

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