SCUM Work in Progress Update [Nov 30, 2018]



Hello everyone! These last 2 weeks were wild for us and we'll tell you all about it but lets get into some SCUM news first!


Feature set planned for the first iteration of vehicles:
  • The ability to enter/exit the vehicle and be either a driver or a passenger. Each car has one or more slots for players. The number of slots depends on the vehicle type and shape. Which slot player will occupy is determined by the player's proximity to the slot. We plan to deliver at least one drivable vehicle with four slots.

  • Ability to store items in the vehicle.

  • There are some restrictions when entering the vehicle while having an item in hands or holsters or having a backpack. The player cannot enter a vehicle, either as a driver or as a passenger, if he has a backpack or holstered items. He needs to store those items in the vehicle first or drop them on the ground. This is indicated with [F] Store interaction when hovering over the vehicle. Additionally, the driver must store the items in hands inside the vehicle before being able to drive the vehicle. This is subject to change and we'll see how this behavior is received. Another option is that game automatically stores superfluous items inside the vehicle, but that just seems too arcade-y at the moment.

  • Ability to destroy the vehicle (vehicle repairs will probably not be implemented in the first iteration)

  • Ability to kill other players and mid/small NPCs with vehicle by driving into them.

  • Ability to kill players when they are inside the vehicle (bullet penetration/deflection should work on glass and metal parts as expected)

  • Basic vehicle sound and graphics effects (some expected effects my be absent in the first iteration)

  • What will most probably not be available in the first iteration:
    - Fueling and repairs
    - First person camera
    - Ability to shoot from inside the vehicle
    - Advanced car damage effects
    - Destructible environment


  • Archery is a skill of shooting from bows. There are different types of bows players will be using in the game. Depending on the type, bows are divided into: recurves (one piece bow), takedowns (limbs can be changed and removed, when disassembled it can fit in the backpack), compounds and crossbows. Because crossbows perform more like rifles they will be handled separately.

  • All bows also have different poundage. The poundage (it's common to use the pound sign – # – to indicate pounds, so 40 pounds would be represented as 40#), or draw weight represents the force required to hold the string stationary at full draw. Draw weight is used to define the power of the bow. For pulling the bow string player uses both strength and technique. While strength is related to his attribute, technique is related to his skill.

  • If the player doesn’t have sufficient strength or skill he/she will not be able to pull the string all the way. In the following table you can see how strength relates with specific draw weight.

  • Archery skill level influences both how long player can hold the bow steady in full draw and gives additional bonuses. Here is a bonus that archery skill gives to player’s strength.

  • The initial time for holding the bow steady in the full draw is shown in the table below.

  • If character’s Strength DW + Skill DW > Bow’s Poundage (DW) then character will be able to draw that bow in full draw position but if his strength is below the value of strength that can hold that bow steady he will get penalties. For each 10# over than what player’s strength can handle, player will get -1 second penalty to hold that bow steadily. That parameter is not fixed and it should change along with player’s strength (meaning that it can have a decimal value). For each 10# less than what player’s strength can handle player will get +1 second bonus.

    Example 1 - Let’s say the player has Archery skill level ADV+ and STR 5 he can hold 100# in full draw for 8 seconds (10 – 2 seconds penalty because of his strength can hold 80# bow and he is trying 100# bow).

    Example 2 - Let’s say the player has Archery skill level ADV and STR 3 he can’t hold 100# in full draw, but he can hold 80# for 3 seconds (6 – 3 seconds penalty because of his strength can hold 50# bow and he is trying 80# bow).

    Example 3 - Let’s say the player has Archery skill level Basic and STR 5 he can’t hold 100# in full draw, but he can hold 80# for 5 seconds (4 seconds because of Basic skill level +1 second bonus because sum of his strength and Skill bonus is 90# which by 10# > than 80#).

  • Aside from the mechanics and how it will work, quivers and special arrows will be added with time.


Features planned for the first iteration of the fortification system:

  • Entrance doors to residential houses will now be claimable (by spending fame points). The claiming price will change depending on house type and location. In practice, bigger houses will cost more, some neighborhoods will be pricier than others and so on. If a house has more than one entrance, each door will have to be claimed separately.

  • Windows will be fortifiable with various levels of fortifications. Fortifications are accessible from the crafting menu and can be placed on windows in a similar manner to existing placeable blueprints. So far, wood, scrap metal and metal bar variants will be included for crafting. Each level comes with their own durability and penetration factors.

  • Closed doors will be able to be opened by default only by the owner and their squad members.

  • Doors' claimed status will be resettable by lockpicking them. This will require a craftable lockpick item upon which the user will enter a lockpicking mini-game.

  • What probably won't be available in the first iteration:
    - Fame store, a place where you can buy fortifications as well as various furniture and decorations for your home.
    - Doors will be upgradable with more complex types of locks, requiring higher lockpicking skill and different mini-games to break in.
    - Defense mechanisms for doors, usually dealing damage to someone who fails to break in.


  • Items

    All items in the world including storage (chests), crafted and dropped items will be handling with a new item virtualization system. All of those items will now be spawned in the world only when near a prisoner and despawned otherwise, greatly reducing the number of active objects in the world (no worries when you get close to them again they will respawn). Item expiration is also handled by the system so all of the items mentioned above will remain in the world for a certain amount of time (currently - 20 mins for all items). All items crafted with the blueprint system (chests, fireplace, shelter, ...) have to be maintained by the maintain action, otherwise they get destroyed after 7 days. For now there is no maintain cost.

    TL;DR: Less objects in the world at one time. Game runs better on both client and server.

Fish factory and Sawmill

We finished two new locations for you guys, but this time we won't tell you where they are, so once the patch drops next Friday you can find them for yourself!

Next week, we will introduce you to the team and everything that's going on in the background, so you all can get a better grasp of what's being done in Gamepires!

Please keep in mind that there is no set date of release for any of the features mentioned in this post, it's just to show you what's being done! Also these are NOT patch notes and this list does not represent what will be in the next patch notes, and everything is prone to changes.

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