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Workshop Events!

Workshop events are here! The Halloween workshop event will be held for the next 2 weeks, During these weeks we will post/stream our favorites so far either on twitter or on twitch.
Twitch – (Live - Every Tuesday 10am AEST)
Twitter - BlackLightInt (@BlackLightInt) | Twitter |
Dont stress about the time frame, We will more than likely give it a few extra days into november to allow players to play maps and give us a better idea of which ones are popular.
The final 3 will come down to popularity but must meet all requirements below.
Map Requirements

- Halloween themed
- 10 or more holes
- Posted during October 2018
- Includes Halloween2018 in the title (we will then place maps under a new tag "Halloween 2018 Event"


Trophies! Winners of these events will win Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies.
These trophies are one of a kind items and we plan to have the ability for you to display them in your workshop maps!

Bugs & Fixes

We have currently fixed majority of the crash/opening issues however Wheel (Programmer) is still working on fixes and issues players are having, We apologize for the inconvenience and are continuously working to fix everything.
Additionally in the next patch we may also include a new game mode which may or not may pit you and your friends against each other in groups.
This patch will come soon.
Have a great week everyone!

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