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YOLO | WAR GAMES - Diplomacy Failed

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Squad Admin - Senior
Squad Admin
Apr 15, 2016

Sunday 11th December, 7:00PM AEDT
Please answer the Poll so we have an idea of numbers

WAR GAMES are realistic story based missions with multiple objectives and branching outcomes.
The YOLO ruleset applies but you will have the chance to respawn at certain intervals throughout the mission.​
You will play as one faction for the entire event and how successful your team is determines what happens next and what assets you will have at your disposal. Mission briefing will be done in-game at the start of the event by the team's commander and each faction will have their own objectives and intel, meaning you wont always know what the other team is trying to achieve.​

How to register
Make sure your STEAM 64 ID is associated with your forum account. Simply click on your profile name at the top right, go down to external accounts and find Associated Steam Account: and link it. When you have done this, you will be able to signup for our events. Those who don't will not be eligible.

Game Rules

    • Revives allowed
    • Respawns only allowed at certain times
    • Discord deafened once joining a squad.
    • Kit restrictions apply and are handed out by SL. Players must spawn in as Rifleman
    • On bleedout or instant death, undeafen discord and enter admin can (shift + P)
    • No talking using in-game comms once dead
    • Resupplies are only allowed from main base

Teamwork Rules

    • Follow chain of command (CoC).
    • Pass up info through the CoC.
    • Follow orders, no matter how stupid.
    • Don't type in All or Team chat (at all)
    • Only use in-game comms
    • Only use assets as directed CoC.
    • SL can pass on his kit once they die to their 2 FTLs

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